All Testimonials, Good, Bad Or Otherwise, Matter To Us. 

That is why we send all customers who write a testimonial a £10 voucher by email!

Testimonials and feedback help us to improve our customer service, something we are passionate about. Additionally testimonials help new customers evaluate Rattan and Teak when deciding whether to place their trust in us with their order.

So, please use this page to provide your comments, feedback and thoughts on how Rattan and Teak has performed with your order and the products that you have purchased.

Writing a testimonial can be difficult, so to help we have a few "prompter questions" that might assist you, answer as many or as few as you like.  Alternatively you may just like to "freestyle it" 😉 

1. What made our product stand out?

2. Were there any obstacles that almost prevented you from buying our product?

3. What features encouraged you to buy this product ?

4. What made you happiest about purchasing from Rattan and Teak?  What parts of our service could we improve?

5. What if anything has exceeded your expectations regarding your purchasing experience with us?

6. What's the main reason you would recommend our products or customer service?

Many thanks for your time, it is really appreciated! The Rattan and Teak team.