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Treat yourself to a stunning new table this winter

High quality Teak Root Tables that celebrate the natural materials from which they are made

A teak root table is as much a piece of sculpture as it is a piece of furniture. Hand crafted from carefully selected pieces of genuine teak tree root, they are beautiful, high quality, long-lasting and completely unique, with each table bringing its own textures and shapes. So if you are looking for a new dining table for a forthcoming celebration with family or friends, or creating a brand new look for an indoor or outdoor living space, or if you just fancy treating yourself to an eye-catching piece of new furniture, then take a look at Rattan And Teak’s Teak Root Table range.

We have dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, lamp tables and bar tables in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and we even have a silver painted Teak Root Hall or Console Table which would look particularly stunning in your home at Christmas time.

PJ_MAK_MJ499 Bakulan Silver Teak Root Glass Top Console Table_001
Bakulan Silver Console or Hall Table

Here is a just a taste of some of the gorgeous designs – and some of the exciting Special Offers we have on this winter.

Glass Topped Tables

With their glass tops, our Batu, Padang, Raja, Negara and Tosari Dining Tables, Side Tables and Coffee Tables allow you to enjoy the beauty of the natural teak root, that forms the table base, from all angles. Imagine sitting with your guests around the Negara Square or Round Dining Table for example, admiring the shapes and textures of the teak root through the glass as you dine. The Negara is one of our most popular ranges and includes dining tables and side tables in which individual pieces of teak root have been carefully sculpted together, driftwood style. 

Negara Square Dining Table Reclaimed Teak Root Glass Top
Negara 1m Square Dining Table

If you like this table style, but are looking for a base crafted from a more solid chunk of teak root, then you will love our Padang Coffee Tables, which come with a 70cm Round Glass Top, a 70cm Square Top and which both currently have 10% off. Alternatively, if you have a larger space to fill, a Rectangular 120cm x 90cm Glass Top

PJ_MAK_MJ280 Padang Small Round Teak Root Glass Top Coffee Table W70cm H45cm D70cm_004
Padang 70cm Round Coffee Table


Mushroom Shaped Tables

PJ_MAK_MJ15 Raja Mushroom Shaped Teak Root Side Table W60 H60 D60cm_001
Raja 60cm Side Table

Our Raja Teak Root Tables are solid and sturdy, featuring a gorgeous mushroom shaped table top. You can opt for a chunky design featuring a thick, single stem, such as the 60cm Side Table or the 80cm Coffee Table or, if you prefer something more contemporary in design, choose a table with more delicate metal legs, such as the Malang 75cm Coffee Table.

Don’t miss our Malang Teak Root Table Set Special Offer … buy a Malang Coffee Table this autumn and get a Side Table HALF PRICE.

Malang Teak Root Table Set
Malang Teak Root Table Set

Save 20% on our Ofili Dome Shaped Coffee Table

Our Ofili Teak Root Tables are stylish and contemporary, with their aesthetically pleasing Drum and Dome shapes. The 70cm Drum Shaped Ofili Coffee Table is currently on special offer, too, with 20% off the usual retail price.

PJ_BB_63WAL - Ofili Reclaimed Teak Root Coffee Table in context
Save 20% on the Ofili Drum Coffee Table

Party in style this season with a beautiful new Teak Root Bar Table

Our heavyweight Teak Root Bar Tables can be used inside or out and make an amazing centrepiece for any gathering. The Bakulan High Bar Table, for instance, stands 110cm tall, and features a beautiful single piece top. Buy the table as a set with 2 Swivel Bar Stools and you get one of the bar stools for free!

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PJ_MAK_MJ175 Bakulan Reclaimed Teak Root High Bar Table w150 h110 d100cm_002
Bakulan Teak Root Bar Table

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