The well travelled Rattan And Teak white van arrives at Castle Howard
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Rattan And Teak at Castle Howard

Now that the summer is here, the Rattan And Teak delivery team are on the road virtually every day, taking our furniture and accessories to customers all over the country, and last week they made an extra-special delivery, to the beautiful Castle Howard. Lovingly referred to as one of Britain’s finest stately homes, Castle Howard lies 15 miles north of York and has been the home of the Howard family for more than 300 years. So the team at Rattan And Teak were really proud – and more than a little excited – to be taking some of our furniture and installing it in such a beautiful and historic setting. 

Rattan And Teak arrives at Castle Howard

A Dining Table Fit for a Castle

Jon and Pete on the delivery team arrived in the Rattan And Teak van and were helped by the Castle Howard team to carry one of our most impressive – and also one of our heaviest – outdoor dining tables through the house and out onto the terrace. The 4m long Hockney Dining Table, which is made from reclaimed teak, looked very much at home in its new castle setting.Hockney 4m Table at Castle Howard


Hockney Extra Large 4m Reclaimed Teak Dining Table with Gainsborough Folding Teak Armchairs at Castle Howard, Yor

Fourteen  “Beautifully Crafted” Teak Chairs

They then surrounded the table with 14 of our Gainsborough Folding Teak Armchairs, which definitely added that finishing touch. 

Gainsborough Folding Teak Armchairs with a Hockney Reclaimed Teak Table at Castle Howard, York

Thank you, Castle Howard!

Thank you to the staff at Castle Howard for helping us with the delivery and installation, and a special thank you to Victoria Howard, who left us such a lovely review. Commenting on the Hockney 4m Table, Victoria Howard said that the table was, “Beautifully crafted” with an “Impressive look and feel”.

And commenting on our Gold Assembly and Installation Service, Ms Howard said that Jon and Pete were, “Very careful and thorough”, offering “A thoroughly professional job with a friendly service”.

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