Deponti Glass Wind Breaker
Deponti Glass Wind Breaker
Deponti Wind Breaker

Available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m widths with a planter and option for wheels.

Experience the outdoors with our unique windbreaker, featuring vertical sliding technology. Perfect for terraces. Ideal for creating a partition. The operation of the windbreaker is manual, so no electricity is need. Installation is easy, you just set it level and in the direction you want. This is a perfect wind break solution for bars, restaurants, cafes as well as residential gardens, balconies and terraces. With a click, the vertical sliding system opens easily. A screen rises and extends at a gentle speed. With the same simple movement you can click and lower the screen again.

In addition, the windbreaker comes with a base that can also function as a planter. The base eliminates the need for screws in the ground and creates an immediate green environment.

The base with planter is available with wheels, making the windbreaker easily movable and versatile for use in any location.

Please call 01789 509544 for commercial bulk buy quotations.

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