Etna BBQ and Outdoor Fireplace
Etna BBQ and Outdoor Fireplace
Buschbeck Elba Masonry Barbecue / Outdoor Fireplace

The Buschbeck Elba masonry barbecue has a stunning white quartz textured & washed surface with a superb stainless steel insert within the mantle piece which all adds up to give the Buschbeck Elba a very distinctive and elegant appearance.

As with most Bushbeck masonry barbecue fireplaces, the double skinned construction of the Elba means it can burn several different types of fuel allowing you to start off cooking on charcoal and then moving on to logs or firewood when you want to sit round the fireplace to keep nice and warm!

Not only is the Buschbeck Elba a brilliant barbecue but it is also a fantastic natural fuel fireplace/patio heater. For cooking, the Elba has four adjustable cooking heights and comes with a heavy duty chrome grill with plenty of space to grill on for even the hungriest of gatherings.

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