Margherita Rosso Wood Oven with Trolley
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Fontana Margherita Wood Fired Pizza Oven
Cook pizza that bursts with a unique flavour and has a perfect golden crust.

Show your cooking skills off to your friends and family. Finally bring your favourite Italian Restaurant right to your own back garden with this outdoor pizza oven. Cook desirable meals that are only achievable with this oven!

Designed and manufactured by Fontana in Italy the home of pizza. The Fontana Margherita Wood Fired Pizza Oven is available in three eye catching finishes.

  • Anthracite
  • Rosso
  • Stainless Steel

And is available as a Built in oven or with a trolley.

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Fontana Pro Pizza Shovel
Margherita Lifestyle
Fontana Pro Pizza Shovel

If you’re looking for an authentic pizza-making experience, you need our pizza shovel!

A pizza shovel i.e. peel is a tool you use to place pizzas in the oven. This helps prevent you spilling any of the ingredients off the top of your pizza. Some describe this nifty tool as a giant spatula upon which you can build your pizza then place it in the oven.

There is more to it than that, however. A pizza peel also allows you to remove your pizza from the oven as well, without the risk of burning your fingers in the process.

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