Batu Teak Root Bird Feeding House 150cm high
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Batu Teak Root Bird Feeding House – H150cm
A tall, rustic bird feeding house handmade in Indonesia from pieces of genuine teak root.

At Rattan & Teak we love finding unusual accessories that not only make great centrepieces in your garden, but which are also functional. This charming, rustic Batu Teak Root Bird Feeding House certainly ticks both of those boxes.

Solid, chunky and built to last, this gorgeous bird house has a sturdy, thick, teak root trunk. Mounted on the top is a charming bird house, sheltered by a sloping roof made from further, thick pieces of cut teak root. Measuring 145 to 155cm tall (yes, being hand made not mass manufactured, every house is slightly different), there is plenty of space here for multiple birds to come and feed or take shelter. 

With its rustic finish, the bird house celebrates the natural textures and colours of the teak root from which it is made, and to add to the charm, every one is completely unique.

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