Glowdrop blackend and stainless silver night
Growdrop Blackend and Stainless Steel
Growdrop Candle Holder
The Growdrop candle holder has timeless design and handmade details to make it a genuine eye-catcher. 

At Rattan & Teak we love accessories that stand out from the crowd and which celebrates the shapes and the textures of the materials from which it is made. So we absolutely adore this Glowbus® Growdrop which is an eye-catcher in any inside or outside space in the day and source of cosiness in the evening. Thanks to its timeless design of raw simplicity, dewdrop shape and choice of finishes the Glowbus® Glowdrop creates a unique atmosphere where you can dream away.

On its own or as part of a composition of several pieces, cosiness is guaranteed. Its play of light immediately creates a unique atmosphere. 


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Gravity Candle
Gravity Candle Lantern Pack
Gravity Candle Lantern Pack
The perfectly balanced höfats lantern for both indoors and outdoors. The candle always stays upright. It’s quick and safe to light the lantern with a match, by simply tilting the glass tube a bit to the side. Turn the lantern upside down to safely put the candle out. This also ensures that it is protected from the elements and any dirt. 

At Rattan And Teak we love accessories that stand out from the crowd. So we love the höfats gravity candle – a lantern with a special pivoted candle which means the candle always remains perpendicular due to gravity. No matter in which direction the lantern is twisted, the candle always perpendicular due to gravity. Wax splashes when blowing out the candle are a thing of the past – the gravity candle simply is turned around and extinguishes. Already when lighting the candle, the mechanism is extremely useful – slightly tilt the lantern to the side and light the candle without burning yourself or having to remove the glass tube. 

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