As well as questions regarding our Free Delivery Service, we are occasionally asked if we offer "Buy Now Pay Later" finance. Whilst we don't have our own in-house credit facility we do point our customers at PayPal Credit. It's flexible for our customers and can offers interest free credit for four months on orders over £150. We've written a brief guide below if it's any help to you regarding PayPal Credit.

PayPal Credit may help if you want to spread the cost. We feel it's straightforward and flexible. The Paypal information page provides further details and can be accessed by clicking here. You can also apply there if you desire.
In brief Pay Pal offers "Buy Now Pay Later" interest free credit for four months, on any spend over £150. The typical, and maximum credit they will offer is £1200. You choose how much you pay over the four months, there is a small minimal payment as with a credit card. If you haven't paid for your entire order in full after four months, interest is then added to the the balance remaining of the transaction.

If you have already applied and been accepted, simply checkout by clicking view cart, review your order, click on 'Checkout With Paypal' and select to pay with your PayPal Credit. You will then be brought back to our site to confirm your delivery details, and leave any messages or requests, click process order, and your done.

If you don't have a PayPal account, you will need to create one before you can apply for credit. Click here to be taken to the Paypal Credit information page where you can sign up. Once you have done that you can apply for credit. They may ask you to verify your account, this is normal.

If you have PayPal already, usually you can apply through your account. You can also click on the apply button above which will take you to the PayPal credit page, where you can see all the information, and login in and apply.

Everything is done on PayPal and not through Rattan and Teak, we are just set up to accept PayPal Credit. If you are concerned about clicking on links from here, if you use a search engine, and type in PayPal Credit the top result will give you their application and information page.

It only takes a couple of minutes and there are only a few questions to answer.  PayPal typically provides a fast decision.  As with any credit, it is subject to status and acceptance. If you are accepted, you can then use the credit option by checking out with PayPal and choosing the pay with credit option.

Finally, Rattan and Teak don't ever know if you use credit or not, your details and how you pay are private, we just get your PayPal authorisation and verified address for delivery as usual. If you return your items then the refund is credited back from us into your PayPal account, who take it off your credit balance.

It can be a great help to spread the cost of purchases using "Buy Now Pay Later" credit. However, please take a moment before taking out credit, we mention PayPal Credit as it's an option that we have used ourselves. We are a family company and we really do care, spreading the cost interest free can be a big help but could become a worry if you are unable to repay.  Only you know your circumstances.

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