The Rattan and Teak Outdoor Wooden Furniture Laser Engraving Service is the perfect way to commemorate and celebrate special times, people and places.

Adding an inscription to a beautiful bench is a wonderful way to remember a special person, celebrate a meaningful place or to commemorate an important event. With a personal message or engraving, a memorial bench can also be the perfect gift for friends, family or colleagues on a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding.

So why not make use of our outdoor wooden furniture Laser Engraving service and remember, we provide free delivery on most of our orders!

Memorial Bench

At Rattan and Teak, we offer beautiful laser engraving options on many of our teak, oak and pine benches and we are here to help guide you through the process. Simply follow the steps below to get your order underway. If you are unsure about anything, or have any questions at any stage, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01789 509544  or you can Contact us by email.

1. Choose the right bench for you

Benches that are suitable for engraving have been collated for you in our Memorial Benches Catalogue. As you browse the benches on offer, consider the following:

What size bench do you need?

If you have a long inscription in mind or would like a larger font size, you might want to consider an extra long, 2.4m bench, such as the Shelley 2.4m Sustainable Teak Bench or the Chaucer 2.4m Sustainable Oak Bench. For average or shorter inscriptions, a 1.5m or 1.8 bench, such as the Auden 1.5m Contoured Wooden Garden Bench or the Tennyson Sustainable Teak Park Bench, would probably be sufficient.

Would you like to have an image, a written inscription or both?

Some benches are more suitable for pictures than others because they have a deeper top rail, as in the case of the Shakespeare 1.5m Memorial Teak Bench. Some have a dedicated panel which is perfect for a plaque or an engraving.Celebration bench laser inscription

Would you like to have the top rail or the bottom rail of the bench engraved, or both?

Most of our benches can be engraved on the top and/or bottom rail, but some benches have one rail narrower than the other, which might make engraving tricky or your inscription too small to read. But don't worry, where engraving space is limited, we have removed the relevant rail option from the product page. If you have seen a bench that you like but are not sure if it is suitable for engraving, just give us a call and we will advise.


2. Now order your engraving

Laser Bench Engraving Service

Once you have chosen a bench, scroll down to the Laser Inscription Engraving options. In the drop down menu, select whether you want the Full Bench Laser Engraving Service (ie, top and bottom rail), Top Rail Only or Bottom Rail Only.


For each rail on which you are adding an inscription, you will then see a drop down box into which you should type your inscription message. You are allowed up to 50 characters.

Please ensure that the spelling and content is correct as we will engrave the exact words you provide. 

Engraved images

On benches where there is room for an image, there will be an additional box to tick to tell us that you would like to add an image. Once you have placed your order, you can then email your chosen image to us at Jpeg or pdf files are ideal.

Special requests

You will also see a drop down box which you can use to let us know if you have any specific requirements for how you would like the engraving to be created. For example, you might have a favourite font that you would like to use, or perhaps you might wish to confirm that an unusual or unconventional way of spelling a name or a word is actually what you want us to inscribe. Simply contact us regarding our outdoor wooden furniture Laser Engraving service with your specific requirements and we will do the rest!


3. Proceed to checkout

Once you have entered the necessary information or image files into the drop down boxes, and selected any other optional extras you would like, such as cushions, bench covers or anchor kits, you can proceed to checkout. Then leave the rest to us. We will keep you informed about your delivery date and will also be happy to discuss any special requirements that you have for delivery and installation.  If you have any questions regarding our outdoor wooden furniture Laser Engraving service then please call our Customer Services team on 01789 509544 or you can Contact us by email.



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