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Engraved benches: the perfect wedding or anniversary gift

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Sometimes it can be really hard to find the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. These days, many couples who have decided to tie the knot already have cupboards full of china, they already have toasters, kettles and all the glassware they could possibly need. They have tools for the garden, bed linen, towels, picture frames and yes, dozens of candle holders and candlesticks.

Anniversary presents can be just as bad. What do you buy for a couple who has already been living together for 10, 20, 30 or even 40 or 50 years? They have everything already, don’t they?

Well maybe not…

What if you could give a wedding or an anniversary gift that was completely unique and completely personal? Something that was beautiful too, and practical, something that the special couple could enjoy together and which would last them a life time. 50th anniversary engraved teak bench

The answer of course, is a Memorial Bench, a garden seat that has been engraved with a personal message or image – perhaps the names of the happy couple, the date of their wedding, or a message from you to them. You could have a line from their favourite song inscribed on the backrest, a quote from a poem, or one of their favourite sayings. And if space allows, you could add an image, perhaps something that they love doing, or a symbol of a place that is special or personal to them.

In fact there are endless possibilities and ways to make your wedding present or anniversary gift stand out from the crowd.

Inspiration and great ideas

If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at our Laser Engraving Service page

Browse our benches

At Rattan and Teak we offer a broad range of teak, oak and pine benches that are suitable for engraving, including many that are sustainably sourced or manufactured using reclaimed wood. And we are proud to say that our benches aren’t cheap. They are premium quality benches that are built to last.

Yes, you can probably find benches cheaper out there on the web, or cheaper down at your local DIY store, but our benches aren’t flimsy and lightweight. They aren’t kept together with screws and glue. They won’t be crooked or wonky, they won’t break when you sit down on them too heavily and they won’t develop those annoying wobbles that many cheaper benches do.

Rattan and Teak engraved benches are hand-crafted using A-Grade, premium timber and are expertly crafted using mortise and tenon joints, secured with teak, oak or pine dowels, depending on which timber your bench is made from. And they are hand-finished so the wood is smooth and luxurious to touch. There will be no splinters nor snagging on your clothes.

Benches to match your budget

We have benches at a range of prices and in all kinds of designs, from the Auden 1.2m A-grade Teak Bench with its pleasingly simple, contemporary shape (starting at just £219.99), or the popular Wordsworth teak bench with its subtle curves (only £249.99 for a 1.3m bench) to the elegant yet extra large Lutyens 2.4m Teak Bench which is our top of the range bench at £999.99.

We even have the Whitman Wagon Wheel Bench (see right) made from reclaimed oak, which would appeal to those with a taste for something more rustic, or even the Wild West. This ‘heavyweight’ of the bench world, which has a genuine reclaimed wagon wheel as a backrest, has a display panel on the front of the seat which is just perfect for an engraved message or image. It is amazing value too, at just £399.99

Enhance your gift

Most of our benches come with the option to add a luxury cushion and we also offer quality, heavy-duty, all-weather covers, bench anchor kits and, for our teal benches, teak care kits. It is quick and easy to add these options to your cart before checkout.

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