Azur 10 Seater Rectangular Metal Garden Dining SetAluminium is a phenomenal outdoor furniture material- It looks great, it’s versatile while being relatively inexpensive and if you care for it well it can last for many years to come too.

The downside to aluminium garden furniture is that if not stored or cared for correctly during Autumn or Winter oxidation can become an issue. Some pitting can look like a harmless small speck, but if left it can be difficult to remove the deeper pitting, even with metal polish. It pays to look after your cast aluminium garden furniture from day one and to avoid this from occurring.

Here are a few of our top tips on how to clean and maintain your Azur and Forest range of aluminium garden furniture:

Cleaning your aluminium garden furniture

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture doesn’t rust, but it can develop a layer of powdery white oxidation. It can occur naturally when your furniture is exposed to the elements. However, removing cast aluminium oxidation is not as difficult as you might think if you know how to do it correctly.

Cleaning products to avoid on Aluminium furniture:

Alkaline-based cleaners can further oxidize aluminium, so please avoid products that contain chemicals such as ammonia and any degreasing type cleaning product that contains Trisodium Phosphate. You are likely to find ammonia in the following cleaning products:

  • Window/glass cleaners
  • Floor polishing waxes
  • Bathroom cleaners including toilet cleaners
  • Multi-surface cleaners
  • Stainless Steel cleaners

Cleaning products to use on your Aluminium furniture:

If your aluminium garden furniture has only a light oxidation (slightly tarnished), then first off try a simple acidic solution of 1-part white vinegar and 1-part water before you invest in any expensive off the shelf products. However, if you’ve left cleaning for a few years, to shine up your cast aluminium garden furniture, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Use a brush to remove any loose debris from the surface. Start off with a dustpan brush and then if this does not work progress through a soft wire brush to a firmer wire brush. This will work perfectly for most of Rattan & Teak’s Azur and Forest ranges of tables and chairs.  However,HHeavy Duty Waterproof Bude 3 Seater Sofa Cover. Heavy Duty Waterproof Bude 2 Seater Garden Sofa Cover for more intricate designs consider using a smaller, toothbrush size wire brush.
  2. Wearing rubber gloves, scrub around the frame with a nonabrasive scouring pad dipped in a marine aluminium cleaner.
  3. Rinse the frame with warm water, and dry well with a towel.
  4. To help prevent corrosion and add a little extra shine, again you can apply a very light coat of car wax with a cloth.

To prevent oxidisation, it is essential to minimise washing. To properly care for cast aluminium garden furniture, we would recommend purchasing a good quality breathable furniture cover to help keep your aluminium garden furniture in great condition.

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