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Assembly and Installation Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

  1. Introduction

1.1   These terms and conditions shall govern the installation and assembly service undertaken by Rattan & Teak “R&T”, for products purchased through our website.

1.2   You are required to confirm your express agreement to these terms and conditions prior to purchasing any product from us that includes an assembly and installation service element.

1.3   This document does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer (such as rights under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 or the Consumer Rights Act 2015).

  1. Interpretation

2.1    In these terms and conditions:

(a)    "we" or “R&T” means Rattan & Teak, the trading style of Furn4 limited or any individual acting under our instruction and acting as a Rattan & Teak representative; and

(b)    "you" means our customer or prospective customer,

and "us", "our" and "your" should be construed accordingly.

(c)    Variations shall include additions, omissions or substitutions to the original purchased product and/or the originally agreed assembly and installation work or service, including any fittings and fixings, etc.

  1. Prices and Quotations

3.1   Our website includes standard prices for assembly and installation of products at select postal locations within the UK, for anchoring structures to specific ground surfaces and based on the assumption that there will be no restricted site access, there is sufficient laydown and working areas and that you will provide conditions to enable the work to be carried out safely and without restrictions.  If, at our sole discretion, we determine that any of these conditions or assumptions cannot be complied with then we reserve the right to revise the price by issuing a new quotation for your agreement.

3.2   All quotations for work will be provided based on the information, photos and documents you provide and the relevant site location, conditions and circumstances that we are made aware of by you. Once a quotation has been issued and accepted any new information, conditions or circumstances that result in a change to the agreed scope of work or service will entitle us to issue a revised quotation.

3.3   Quotations shall remain valid for your acceptance for a period of one calendar month from the date of the quotation unless otherwise stated on the quotation. If the assembly and installation cannot commence within two calendar months from the date of the quotation due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be entitled to revise the quotation.

  1. Unforeseen Costs

4.1   If there are variations or changes to the agreed scope of work or services that are due to insufficient information received from you, unforeseen site or ground conditions or defects discovered in existing installations, etc. then any additional expenses incurred as a result of these variations or changes will be your liability and responsibility.

4.2   Any event or situation which arises during the course of the works that are unexpected, unforeseen and beyond our control will not be our responsibility. The cost of any additional work, services or fittings required to rectify the works as a result will be for your account.

  1. Customer Responsibilities

5.1   It is your responsibility to:

(a)  Measure the site accurately to confirm that the structure or furniture will fit in the space provided and ensure that there is sufficient space for the assembly & installation to take place with no obstacles or restrictions for the installation team.

(b)   Provide all relevant information that will assist and enable our team to prepare sufficiently and provide the correct tools and equipment required to complete the works efficiently and safely. This includes providing measurements, photos and or videos to show details of access roads to the property, parking areas, access gates, walkways from parking area to installation site (detailing corners, height restrictions, stairs and inclinations), laydown areas and actual installation site.

(c)    To complete all works (including any curing time) that are required to provide a flat level surface required to install the product or structure and enable the secure anchoring of a product or structure prior to commencement of the assembly and installation. (Also refer to 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7)

5.2   Should our installation team arrive on site and be unable to carry out the assembly & installation works due to your failure to comply with the requirements of either 5.1(a), (b) or (c) above or 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7 below, then we reserve the right to charge for any additional work required including rectification works, mileage and travel time for any additional journey that may be necessary or to deduct the cost of the additional works, our mileage and travel time from any refund made on an order that is subsequently cancelled.

  1. Liability

6.1   We can only be held liable for the extent of works carried out by us. No liability shall be accepted in respect of defects in existing installations or in respect of parts not manufactured or supplied by us.

6.2   We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to property, materials or injuries to individuals caused by the personal actions of you or your other household members or guests before, during or after such works have been carried out.

6.3   You employ our services at your sole risk at all times. All advice provided by us is offered as an opinion only and you accept such opinions at your sole discretion and risk.

6.4   You accept that we will undertake installation work on a best endeavors basis and that we are not liable for any damage that occurs when drilling and anchoring any structure to your patio, decking, walls, garden surfaces or general property using ground bolts, anchors or other such devices. Any damage caused during the installation works shall be considered accidental and the responsibility and associated costs to rectify shall be yours.

6.5   For installation of outdoor structures it is your responsibility to ensure that the ground surface is adequately prepared. Our structures can be erected on hard or soft surfaces, but your surface needs to be level and it must be possible for the structure to be anchored to the ground.

6.6   For structures that are to be erected on slabs or on brick-paved patios, it is strongly recommend that there is at least a 100mm concrete slab or a concrete footing beneath the surface, where each leg of the structure will be anchored, so that the structure can be anchored through the slabs or bricks into the concrete.

6.7   We cannot be held liable for damage to structures that have moved or suffered damage during bad weather because they have been anchored to inadequately prepared ground surfaces.

  1. Guarantee

7.1   Our Aluminum Gazebos are sold with a Manufacturer’s Guarantee that covers the gazebo for 5 years from the date upon which you received the goods.

7.2   The Side Screens for the gazebos are sold with a Manufacturer’s Guarantee that covers the screens for 2 years from the date upon which you received the goods.

7.3   Guarantees for other products or structures are detailed on the R&T website under the Product Details section of the respective products, wherever applicable.

7.4   The Guarantee covers you for any manufacturer’s defects in the product and, subject to clauses under Section 5 above, covers the frames and component parts to remain in working order for the life of the guarantee. This guarantees against a manufacturing defect causing a breakdown, as long as the product has been used in accordance with the recommended operating guidance or procedures and regularly cleaned and maintained.

7.5   If there is a manufacturer’s defect, fault or breakdown caused by a manufacturing defect, our obligation will be to repair and restore the product or part back to working order – if that is not possible, we'll replace the defective part or entire product at the sole discretion of R&T. If the replacement product is not available or has been discontinued, we will discuss and agree an alternative solution with you.

7.6   The manufacturer’s guarantee does not cover general wear and tear or damage to product parts due to accidents, damage caused by severe storms or weather systems, extreme winds, flying or falling objects, misuse, insufficient regular maintenance or negligence by the user/s.

  1. Health and Safety

8.1   We will take appropriate and practical measures to ensure that the environment in which the works are being carried out is safe, to avoid risk of injury to us or other parties; you are expected to do the same. Within the worksite, where works are ongoing, we accept no liability for the actions of you or your other household members or guests which result in damage or injury to persons or property.

8.2   We reserve the right to refuse to undertake work in an environment which is deemed to be unsafe or where the works are considered to be unsafe, illegal (or out with the spirit of the Building Regulations) or where we consider other parties will be put at risk as a result of the works being undertaken.

8.3   If you notice any situation, property, equipment or materials that you believe to be unsafe you must raise it to us and our installation team immediately.

8.4   If any form of asbestos or other hazardous material covered by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations is discovered on site, we will notify you and cease work immediately until it has been removed and disposed of in compliance with the relevant legislation. The cost of removal and disposal shall be for account.

  1. Duty of Care

9.1   We accept that we have a duty of care to you in respect of materials, workmanship, security, property and belongings and will conduct our business in a manner such that a reasonable level of care is provided.

  1. Building Regulations

10.1  We reserve the right to refuse to carry out any work which is in breach of the Building Regulations or which we believe to be in breach of the Building Regulations or the spirit in which they are intended.

  1. Services and Waste

11.1  It is your responsibility to provide and pay for all power and water reasonably used by us to undertake the work. You shall also be expected to provide access to sanitary conveniences for us whilst undertaking the work.

11.2  We will remove and dispose of any unwanted product packaging and waste resulting from the instllation. Unless otherwise agreed between us and you, any other waste removal and disposal will be organized by you at your cost.

  1. Insurance

12.1  As a professional business, we maintain the following Insurance cover arrangements:

Public Liability: £5m           Product Liability: £5m        Employers’ Liability: £10m

  1. Complaints

13.1  Should you have a complaint about the services or work provided by us, these should be raised with us in writing to our registered office at: Rattan & Teak, 90 Wey Hill, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1HS, UK

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