About Rattan and Teak.

Rattan and Teak's mission

Rattan and Teak is an online retail store offering a range of unique, high quality, beautiful furniture and ornaments designed to add a touch of class, comfort and luxury to any garden, conservatory or patio.

We love what we sell and care about our customers, so for many of our products we will provide bespoke delivery and offer the kind of expert, ‘Premium’ installation service that ‘generalised carriers’ cannot provide. Our mission is to ensure that our customers enjoy choosing and buying our furniture, safe in the knowledge that they can let us worry about delivering and assembling it.

We hope that our customers will be so enchanted by our delivery and customer service that they will become advocates for our business, spreading the love by leaving us 5 star reviews and allowing our reputation – and our company – to grow organically.

At Rattan and Teak we are all about quality. We do not try to compete with cheap furniture outlets who are happy to sell second-rate products which are badly made or manufactured from inferior materials. We want our customers to be happy with their purchases, to furnish their gardens, conservatories and patios with tables, chairs, benches, parasols and ornaments that are built to last, and support them as they care for those products with our range of maintenance products and furniture covers.

But while aiming for quality, we also care about the environment. So wherever possible, our furniture range is manufactured using sustainable materials and obtained from suppliers who are audited by Smartwood and who are compliant with current EU regulations regarding the responsible sourcing of timber. Customers can also sleep easy knowing that all the fabrics we use for our cushion covers conform to UK Fire Retardant regulations.

Who are we?

Rattan and Teak is a small, family business based in Alcester in Warwickshire. The company was initially founded in 2017 by four friends and partners, Pete and Kate Whyman and Helen and Jon Yeomans, as the trading style of Furn4 Limited.

Each of the four partners brought to the company a wealth of knowledge and capability from their former employment. For the first 8 months of the company's life, Pete Whyman headed up our logistical and operational team. Kate Whyman became the friendly face of Direct Sales channels and, when she was not out and about at events and sales outlets, she supported Helen Yeomans in managing Customer Services. Helen is our wordsmith and is responsible for keeping the website up to date with products and news, as well as for the company blogs and social media presence. Helen also takes a lead on producing all our company's marketing materials. Meanwhile, Jon is our IT whizz, so he manages the company website and takes a lead on marketing strategy.

By the end of the first summer season, with Jon and Helen now heading up the company, Jon had taken over additional responsibility for deliveries and operations, while Helen brought Kate's former sales role under her wing to combine sales with marketing.

Our story

All companies start with a vision, a dream or a spark of an idea. For Rattan and Teak that spark of an idea came during the hot summer of 2017 when Pete and Jon were cruising the UK's roads delivering furniture for a local retail company. The two friends had never worked together before, having previously followed quite different careers - Pete as the owner of a thriving logistics business and Jon as a founding director of a multi-million pound computer software business.

However they found  that they were really enjoying spending time in one another’s company out on the road, passing the time between drops chatting about their lives and their families and speculating about where their careers might take them next. And most of all they were happy. They loved the furniture they were delivering, they thoroughly enjoyed assembling it and most of all they appreciated seeing how happy the customers were with their delivery and installation service.

Perhaps we should do this some more, they thought. Wouldn’t it be great if the furniture in the back of our vans was our furniture, so that we could give our customers a quality, professional service from beginning to end, from the moment they start browsing to the moment their products arrive in their gardens and conservatories? What if we could make our prices competitive too, by selling our products online and buying direct from the wholesaler, rather than paying for expensive retail premises, storage and warehousing? That spark of an idea was soon to ignite, and with their wives Kate and Helen soon on board, Pete and Jon set to work on building their new business: Rattan and Teak.

As is common in a small, growing business, things are constantly changing, and in July 2018, Kate and Pete departed from Furn4 to go on to new adventures. The four original partners remain firm friends.

Now a duo, Jon and Helen are forging ahead, investing in the company, growing its online presence and building its product list. But one thing is for sure, say Helen and Jon, no matter how big we grow, our customers will always come first and we will always do our utmost to ensure that a shopping experience with Rattan and Teak is the very best that it can be.

Jon Yeomans - Rattan and Teak Director Helen Yeomans - Rattan and Teak Director
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